Possibilities are what we strive to create everyday


We’ve always championed ideas and innovation: capitalising on our design-led approach and unique insights, as well as technological advances to address the many different opportunities and challenges our customers face.

Our ability to innovate, inspire and create possibilities for our clients comes from human understanding and being able to connect with people’s needs. We were first to produce ortho-phthalate-free safety flooring back in 1954 and have continued to listen and learn from our customers ever since. It’s how we developed the world’s first wholly usable, reusable and recyclable flooring and the only fully integrated hygienic wall cladding and flooring system.

And we’re still challenging what we think is possible: questioning how spaces are used and how they can make people feel, to better meet the demands of 21st century life. It’s this belief in the power of design thinking that enables us to help transport companies inspire their customers to adopt public services; hospitality firms to create different dining and event experiences; hospitals to improve hygiene and wellbeing; and schools to improve learning with inspirational and creative classrooms.

We’re passionate about the potential of what we do, designing and developing revolutionary materials and forging new alliances to keep us moving forward. It turns the inner sparks of possibility into greater achievements, keeping our customers at the forefront of their respective markets and their customers safe, happy and healthy.