Taking responsibility: social, economic and environmental considerations

Taking responsibility

David Kahn, Chairman, the Altro GroupWhat is sustainability?

"Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". That's how the Brundtland Report from World Commission on Environment and Development 1987, described sustainability.

As a family owned business, we've always taken our environmental responsibilities very seriously. And to us, sustainability is about so much more than just environmental issues. It covers social and economic dimensions as well as environmental responsibility, something that's known as the three pillars of sustainability or 'the Triple Bottom Line'.

Here at Altro, we recognise that sustainability is a journey…a series of steps. Which is why our Steps to Sustainability programme takes a complete approach to managing sustainability issues, and considers our impact on all three aspects of sustainability – not just the environment.

So while we actively reduce the impact we have on the environment and operate in a socially responsible manner, we're providing long term, sustainable, safe and hygienic solutions too.

Valuing our responsibilities as a UK manufacturer

Our company philosophy is to keep our manufacturing base in the UK, creating national employment opportunities and supporting our local economy as well.

"The strength of our team is the key reason why we have continued to maintain our manufacturing operation in the UK. Over the years, the demand for our products has grown to such a level that we have had to move the factory to increase our capacity. We are now on our third site since the 50s but only a few miles from our original production site. This has been a tremendous benefit both to the business and the local community. We still have colleagues who started work with us on our first production site."
David Kahn, Chairman, the Altro Group

Valuing our communities

We engage with our local community in lots of different ways, like supporting apprenticeship schemes and school visits, and working with local universities. And, we also support the wider communities in the floors and walls markets by providing national employment and training opportunities.

"We're delighted to be working with such keen young people who have a genuine interest and desire to work in the flooring trade. We know that we are equipping the next generation."
Major Monz, Technical Services Consultant