Specifying – why Altro?

Altro safety flooring

Our products are unique

  • We were the first manufacturer to offer invisible slip, giving a modern, high-design, non-sparkle look without compromising on sustained slip resistance
  • Sustainability is at the heart of our product development – we're the only manufacturer to offer a 100% recyclable and reusable post-consumer slip-resistant flooring [link to XpressLay]
  • We invented Altro Easyclean Technology for ease of cleaning without compromising on sustained slip resistance
  • We spend many years developing our products in the lab and in the field to ensure performance – for example, Altro Aquarius was in development for seven years before launch
  • Varieties of aggregate (including silicon carbide, quartz and aluminium oxide) are embedded in sheet vinyl to prevent slips and falls
  • We keep samples of each production roll for the life of the guarantee
  • We offer homogenous and heterogeneous options, with specialist solutions for greasy commercial kitchens and combined shoe and barefoot use in wet and dry

We never stop improving

  • We have invested more than £5 million in new technologies to keep providing ground-breaking new product solutions
  • We hold ongoing in-house training for our manufacturing operatives to promote quality of manufacture
  • We run training schools to promote the highest standards of craftsmanship among industry installers
  • Carrying out our own Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) testing to monitor our product development means we can be sure our products keep contributing to improved indoor air quality
  • We're championing the cause for enhanced visibility of sustained slip resistance claims by manufacturers
  • As active members of the UK Slip Resistance Group, we’re closely involved in developing slip resistance test methods

We test rigorously

  • We've invested in international tests to ensure the rigorous performance of our flooring
  • During manufacture, our safety flooring is quality tested every 400 linear metres to check its slip resistance
  • During their installed lifetime, we test various flooring installations on site to ensure slip resistance performance
  • Our flooring meets strict fire and smoke regulations

Manufacturing techniques

Altro safety flooring in productionHow do we make Altro safety flooring?

The traditional method

Traditional safety flooring includes silicon carbide and often a coloured quartz too, and is characterised by its sparkly appearance. This method of production is still popular with many manufacturers.

The new generation method

New generation safety flooring is also known as 'invisible slip', and uses aluminium oxide instead of silicon carbide. Aluminium oxide is hard-wearing and transparent, and provides the same level of performance with non-sparkly, aesthetic benefits. This method involves structuring the product to minimise dirt retention.

Two technologies, one slip-resistant outcome

Whichever method we use, they both have one thing in common: the slip-resistant particles are found throughout the entire wear layer, providing sustained slip resistance for the lifetime of the product.