Safety for transport

Safety on the move

Lots of people use public transport and it's important to make sure that when they do, they stay as safe as possible. And this includes flooring, which should be slip-resistant. Altro help transport providers keep their passengers safe with durable flooring.

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Altro safety flooring exceeds the TRRL Pendulum Test ≥36 rating for shod areasThe importance of slip resistance in transport

Why slip-resistant flooring is so important in public transport

Flooring for buses and trains needs to be durable and easy to clean. It should also be slip-resistant.

Many slip accidents happen on wet floors, usually on relatively smooth surfaces like those often seen inside buses and trains. Wet weather and spills can make transport flooring treacherous for staff and passengers – especially vulnerable groups like the elderly, who could experience serious repercussions from a fall.

The advantages of Altro safety flooring over alternatives

Different flooring types provide different levels of slip resistance. And although smooth and rubber flooring are popular choices for transport, they're not slip-resistant when wet.

Altro safety flooring provides excellent slip resistance when wet and achieves a minimum Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of ≥36 for shod areas.

Durability and ease of cleaning

Altro safety flooring offers the benefit of slip resistance without compromising on other important features for transport, including durability and ease of cleaning.


Altro safety flooring is impact-resistant, which makes it very durable. Our generous, industry-leading guarantees prove our confidence in the longevity of our flooring,

Ease of cleaning

To combat stains from food and drink, salt and dirt, it’s important that the cleaning regime is frequent and simple. Our safety flooring provides a robust, hardwearing surface that resists many common stains, odours and common chemicals for better hygiene. Our products have Altro Easyclean Technology for lasting attractive appearance and savings in time and cleaning costs.

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