Safety matters. We’ve been pioneering safety flooring solutions since 1947 and we use our knowledge and experience to help you make informed choices. We’re passionate about preventing accidents.

What makes flooring safe or unsafe, and how it affects the people that use it, are incredibly important issues to us. Different environments demand different solutions to keep people safe, and that’s where our expertise helps you make safe choices. We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure we provide solutions that give more protection in the areas that need it.

We offer two different types of safety flooring, as well as smooth flooring for areas with a low slip risk. Deciding which type you need is straight-forward. It’s all down to the contaminants present in your environment, as it’s contaminants that determine your level of slip risk. So all you have to do is match the type of flooring you need to the contaminant you have.

Specialist safety flooring solutions for very high slip risk

Developed to meet the toughest demands, you’ll find our hardest working, smartest products within this type offering up to Pendulum Test Value (PTV) >55 and R11 and R12 levels of slip resistance, plus our highest level of performance. You can rely on these to deliver lifetime sustained slip resistance, even with contaminants such as grease or shampoo, reducing the risk of anyone slipping to just one in a million. Guaranteed.

We’re talking commercial kitchens with the grease, oils and spillages that just can’t be avoided. And wet environments peppered with shampoos and shower products, lotions and creams, to be negotiated by bare feet or shoes.

These areas demand our specialist solutions for very high slip risk – anything less is not worth the risk.

Safety flooring solutions for high slip risk

In areas where there’s risk of a water spillage, we recommend our safety flooring ranges. These products deliver sustained slip resistance, reducing the risk of slipping to one in a million for the lifetime of the flooring in areas where water is the contaminant. Guaranteed.

All our solutions for high slip-risk areas have PTV≥ 36 and are within the R10 slip resistance category. You know what it’s like if you’ve ever been to a busy shopping centre when it’s been raining outside – wet shoes and dripping umbrellas can make the floor slippery. Likewise, there’s potential for wet floors in coffee shops, restrooms and entrance areas.

These areas demand our solutions for high slip risk to keep staff and visitors safe.

Flooring solutions for low slip risk

For areas with a low slip risk, where spillages rarely happen and there’s no direct access from outside bringing wet or muddy footprints, our smooth flooring solutions are ideal. For corridors, waiting areas, classroom and wards, smooth flooring delivers ease of cleaning, durability and a wider range of aesthetic options.