Valdeluz Residential Centre, Spain

Residential centres are safer with Altro

Altro Aquarius, Altro Walkway 20

Always evolving and transforming, Valdeluz residential centres are the paradigm of complete and modern facilities for the elderly or those requiring assisted living. Its motto is to provide the most professional care, which is achieved daily in its five community centres in Madrid. Valdeluz Carabanchel, located in the Madrid suburb of Carabanchel Alto, is the most recent to be refurbished. The centre wanted to modify the gym to make it a safe space, and renovate the kitchen with hygienic safety flooring. In the bathroom, they wanted easy to clean, slip-resistant flooring that meets safety standards for both bare feet and soled shoes. In addition to safety, the residential centre wanted products that would be durable and aesthetically pleasing. To meet all these conditions they chose Altro flooring, installing a total of 750m² of three types of flooring.

For bathrooms they installed 300m² of Altro Aquarius. Altro Aquarius was the perfect choice for bathrooms as it is suitable for combined barefoot and shoe use. Achieving a pendulum test value of PTV ≥50 (slider 96) and Class B to DIN51097 for barefoot use, Altro Aquarius provides optimum lifetime sustained slipresistance in wet and dry environments. Both the residential staff and residents can trust that their chance of a slip is just one in a million. Altro Aquarius also offers lifetime sustained slip resistance for 15 years.

The residential centre installed 300m² of Altro Walkway 20 in the gym, providing a clean and functional safety flooring for their fitness areas. Altro Walkway is highly resistant to stains and abrasion, is strong and modern looking and perfect for different functional areas. It achieves ≥ 36 on the pendulum test giving sustained slip resistance throughout the lifetime of the product. It also includes PUR cleanability and superior chemical and stain resistance. Ideal for busy public areas, the product has a life expectancy of 15 years.

Raquel Valdivia, Director of Operations at Centers Valdeluz said they chose Altro products “for quality and performance. We value highly the ease of cleaning. There is also a wide range of colours, fitting the aesthetic needs of the centre.” In Valdeluz El Escorial, Alcorcón and Torrelodones centres, they have also installed Altro safety flooring and have used it to create a design feature on the floor. Raquel Valdivia has no hesitation in recommending the use of Altro safety flooring and considers that “With the choice of products, there is a good solution that combines aesthetics with durability and safety.”

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