My Fro Yo Cup, Denmark

A warm welcome for Danish frozen yogurt store customers

Altro Walkway 20

Denmark-based My Fro Yo Cup is a successful chain of frozen yogurt stores, established in 2013.

In 2013, when the first My Fro Yo Cup stores opened, they were designed and fitted with chalk-white tiled floors throughout but this quickly proved to be the wrong choice for the business.

Jan Michelsen, Co-Founder of My Fro Yo Cup, says: “The white tiles were difficult to keep clean and they were too slippery to walk on, particularly in the stores that were located outside, rather than in a mall. It became a huge problem when people came in with wet shoes; the floor quickly became dirty, plus water and dirt on the tiles posed a safety risk for both customers and staff because the floor was slippery”.

The management took the decision to replace the flooring in all its stores, and after seeking guidance, chose Altro Walkway 20. This flooring solution met the company’s requirements for slip resistance and ease of cleaning but also its wide choice of colours gave them flexibility when it came down to design.

“Colour-wise, we wanted ‘to warm up the shop’, so it is a place where you want to sit down and enjoy some frozen yogurt and a cup of coffee”, continues Michelsen. “Having selected a deep grey shade of Altro Walkway 20, we have found a solution that complements the orange and green that characterise our stores. We can definitely say that we have created a welcoming and warm café environment where our customers can relax”.

As well as suiting the My Fro Yo Cup branding and giving the stores a more inviting look, using Altro Walkway 20 has ensured that the slip risk for customers and staff is minimal. The product has a lifetime sustained slip resistance of 15 years, keeping the risk of a slip or fall to just one in a million over this time. The benefits of the new flooring system don’t end there. Michelsen says: “Altro Walkway 20 is much easier to clean than our previous flooring; in fact we have reduced the time spent on daily cleaning by 15 minutes in each store”.

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