McDonald’s, Vejle, Denmark

Lifelong slip resistance for McDonald’s

Altro Walkway 20

McDonald’s in Vejle, Denmark, installed a 2mm slip-resistant safety flooring from Altro over 22 years ago in their entrance corridor and on the stairs up to the restaurant on the first floor. Over two decades later, Altro tested the durability of the old floor and the result was nothing short of spectacular.

The test was performed measuring the slip-resistant properties both on the stairs and in the corridor. Before the test was conducted, the floor was cleaned and then wetted in order to test the slip resistance, as the floor was originally designed to be able to withstand these conditions. The test showed that the floor’s slip resistance has a value equal to PTV≥44-48, which means that even after more than 20 years the floor poses a very low slip risk. According to the British standard for measuring slip resistance, a floor measured at PTV≥36 is classified as having a low slip potential. The Altro floor still maintains an optimum low slip risk 22 years after it was laid.

Kenneth Larsen, Owner and franchisee of McDonald’s in Vejle, is also impressed with the results. “We have approximately 150,000 guests in the restaurant every year, which places great demands on the flooring in terms of wear and tear. After 22 years to have a low slip risk is both impressive and pleasing. Obviously, we have a desire to ensure maximum safety for our guests, and it must be said that Altro flooring helps us achieve this.”

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