Lake Pearl Luciano, USA

Altro XpressLay covers the competition

Altro XpressLay

Lake Pearl Luciano’s is an event facility offering a full service venue for weddings, social events, corporate functions and much more. Nearly 1,400m² of banquet space is available to accommodate groups large or small. Set on 25 acres overlooking picturesque Lake Pearl in Wrentham, Massachusetts, this landmark property offers guests a great time as well as beautiful surroundings.

Being a busy venue, Luciano’s had a limited time frame to complete renovations and installation of new flooring. This unique situation is where Altro XpressLay can shine. Instead of needing to rip up every tile, Altro XpressLay went right over the competition.

After filling in the grooves between each tile to make an even, flat surface, the Altro XpressLay was laid directly on top of the decades old tile using Altro Looselay double sided flooring tape – saving Luciano’s time, money and hassle.

Altro XpressLay offers many benefits, one being water resistance. Heat welded seams help create an impervious barrier and protect the subfloor from water ingress. Additionally, the flooring was coved up the wall, eliminating hard to clean corners that typically harbor food and dirt debris.

When water or food does happen to reach the floor, Altro XpressLay’s slip resistance will help reduce the risk of a slip and fall, keeping everyone safe. Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR™ technology makes maintenance a breeze and its stain resistant properties will keep the flooring looking its best for years to come.

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