Virgin Ticket Hall, Euston Station London, UK

Creating a destination station

Altro Transflor Tungsten

Euston station is one of the London’s busiest and most iconic transport hubs. Owned and managed by Network Rail, Euston is thought to see some 42.9 million passengers pass through it every year; a figure that roughly equates to 118,000 people a day.

This is a figure which is expected to increase even further following the station’s selection as the preferred southern terminus for the prominent HS2 rail project. As a result of this landmark decision, Euston has been subject to a period of ongoing development, with Network Rail seeking to raise the terminal’s profile to that of a destination station. And Altro are proud to have been involved in the terminal’s transformation.

To achieve its ambitious vision, Network Rail had the challenge of striking a delicate balance between form and function. The station not only had to capture the imagination visually, but also had to meet the strictest safety standards.

As a public sector company, Network Rail has to be totally transparent and puts passenger well-being at the heart of everything it does. This means that safety standards for each and every one of its stations have to be met without compromise.

In its journey to create the destination station concept, Network Rail vigorously tested a variety of flooring products before finally arriving at a decision. Altro Transflor Tungsten provides full fire, smoke and toxicity compliance as well as long lasting slip-resistance, which made it an ideal choice for the project.

In addition to meeting the mandatory safety requirements, Altro Transflor Tungsten also offered the desired visual appeal and resilient durability necessary to withstand the demands of such a busy station.

As a result Altro Transflor Tungsten is now one of the first sights to greet the thousands of people who commute through Euston every day. Prominently placed in both the Virgin Trains ticket hall and the stylish mezzanine refreshment area, it integrates seamlessly with the station’s contemporary look and feel, delivering hard-wearing performance in eye-catching style.

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