Optare and Tranzit Group, New Zealand

Optare sticks with Altro for new bus build project

Altro Transflor Chroma

Optare are one of the leading bus manufacturers in the UK, designing, manufacturing and selling buses to the global market.


When Optare secured the contract from Tranzit Group to build 114 Metrocity buses for the New Zealand capital of Wellington, they knew that they needed a lightweight floor which was quick and easy to install and with wide design possibilities, as they needed the flooring to match The Greater Wellington Regional Council livery colours.


Knowing this, Optare specified Altro Transflor Chroma in a 2.2mm thickness in a self-adhesive solution, making use of our bespoke colour service. Altro Transflor Chroma comes in 2.2mm and 2.7mm thicknesses to provide enough durability for all types of traffic. With its wide colour palette of 18 colours, the opportunity to create colours bespoke, enhanced slip resistance and sustainability, Altro Transflor Chroma has the goods to meet any specification.

Altro’s self-adhesive solution ensures that speed won’t be a sticking point in your installation. With no solvent adhesives used, Optare found that not only were their production times cut, but made safer for their installers as well, with the reduced VOC emissions. Our self-adhesive solution also allowed Optare to make an adhesive weight saving of 60% per square metre compared to a standard contact adhesive.


Tracy Noble, Head of Procurement at Optare, said:

“We specified Altro Transflor Chroma for this project because Optare are renowned for their innovative lightweight and therefore efficient bus designs. This particular project saw a requirement to further reduce excess weight in the bus. Altro Transflor Chroma was perfect for this. The floor was lightweight, but still durable, easy to clean and matched the customers’ requirements.”

The new buses are an excellent addition to an already outstanding portfolio of the partnership between Altro and Optare.

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