Watkins & Tasker, UK

Altro XpressLay solves concrete problems

Altro XpressLay

Watkins & Tasker Veterinary Group has three veterinary practices in North Somerset. For the newest location in Portishead, an office and warehouse were refurbished to create a new veterinary practice. The concrete floor in the building had moisture, and required a flooring solution that would be able to be installed on a damp substrate and could be completed quickly.

Nathan Sims, Director at N&S Flooring, suggested Altro XpressLay as the best flooring choice to cope with moisture issues. Altro XpressLay in Waterfall and Blue were installed throughout the building with over 500m² laid.

Award-winning Altro XpressLay is an adhesive-free safety flooring that can be laid to a substrate that has up to 97% relative humidity. Altro XpressLay is designed to lay flat and comes with tape to hold it in place while you weld.

With no adhesive you get same-day welding and can walk on the floor straight away. Altro adhesive-free floors can be removed easily, reused and are 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

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