Rewe Market, Kempten, Germany

Sustainable features and the highest hygiene

Altro safety flooring

Rewe Market is one of the leading food retailers in Germany, with sales of 16.9 billion euros (2014). It has more than 90,000 employees and more than 3,300 supermarkets. In addition, the company is distinguished by its commitment to sustainability and its innovative concepts in the industry. This includes newly built or modernised markets following modern standards - such as in Kempten, southern Germany.

The requirements of the Rewe supermarket in Kempten were challenging. The design of the 1,100 square metres of retail space needed to be sustainable and of high quality with a friendly atmosphere. For the meat department Rewe opted for safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding from market leader Altro. The integrated system is made of PVC and is the only system worldwide that has HACCP International certification: the international system for food safety. The safety flooring is recyclable, free of harmful substances and also contain up to 20 % recycled material.

Altro safety flooring was chosen for the area behind the service counters. At 2mm thick, with a PTV ≥36, R10, it offers slip resistance for the lifetime of the flooring. It has PUR technology for easy cleaning and is stain and chemical resistant.

A comfortable floor for the staff was an important consideration as well as the seamless, integrated solution. As Altro’s integrated safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding are impermeable, there is nowhere for bacteria to hide. Unlike tiles, which have porous grout and can be chipped and damaged, Altro’s integrated solution retains its impermeability and prevents water and bacteria ingress, making it easier to clean and maintain.

The project had a strict construction schedule. As Altro safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding can quickly be installed and thermoformed on site, the project was completed quickly.

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