Nestlé, Spain

Nestlé Spain achieves high design with Altro safety floors

Altro Walkway 20, Altro Wood Safety

1,000 people work daily at the headquarters of Nestlé in Barcelona, Spain, and the company hosts over 50,000 visitors annually. This high level of traffic also spills over into the catering and cafeteria areas. These areas have been recently modernised with a variety of Altro safety floors to provide better service to staff and visitors.

An essential part of the refurbishment was the choice of floors. There was a need for a high design using different colours and shapes, but it also had to adhere to safety and hygiene regulations for dining and catering areas. The project also needed to be completed quickly to minimise disruption to the normal activity of the dining rooms. With 250,000 meals served annually at the offices of Nestlé, Eurest Catalunya, a company belonging to Compass Group, was able to install Altro safety floors without interrupting the normal business day.

In the self service and dining room areas, approximately 1,000m² Altro Walkway 20 in two different colours and Altro Wood Safety were used. For the cafe on the ground floor, about 200 m² of two different shades of Altro Walkway 20 were used.

Altro was chosen for its slip resistance, versatility and ease of installation and the ability to create a high spec design without compromising on safety.

Jordi Massip, restoration supervisor at Eurest said, “The floor was installed in stages and the dining room was not closed during the installation. The flooring was easy to install, and in two days the area was open and fully operational.”

The Altro safety floor was used to create special effects with the combination of different tones. “Aesthetically it offers many possibilities, and worked well with the new design concept where we wanted to create an edgy line and neutral tones. In the small dining room for executives, created to seat 16 people, we installed four rectangular areas where the furnishings differed, and successfully used Altro safety floor to create a groundbreaking and highly aesthetic area,” Massip said.

Daniel Alcaide, from installer Colober Flooring Light, said, “The biggest challenge on this project was to carry out the work without closing the dining room, which meant we had to work in instalments. In the cafe downstairs we used a two colour design, following the pattern of the floor with curved lines, which is only possible with flooring such as Altro safety floors.”

“We have maximised the benefits of Altro: security, ease of installation and aesthetics. As for standards and inspections, with Altro safety flooring there is no problem, as it is always above the requirements of the regulations and that is reassuring,” said Alcaide.

Altro Walkway 20 is our hugely popular, hard-wearing 2mm safety floor which provides lifelong slip and abrasion resistance. The range has 42 colours – featuring bright and subtle, sparklefree designs, and decorative chipped options which give you enhanced design flexibility.

When you want to create a homely, comforting and familiar look but you don’t want to compromise on safety, Altro Wood Safety is ideal. TThe range offers 16 wood- look designs, including classic, contemporary classic and on-trend – so you can vary the mood from cool and classy to warm and nurturing.

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