Matthew Talbot Hostel, Australia

Altro donates award-winning adhesive-free floor for hostel renovation

Altro XpressLay

Matthew Talbot Hostel provides temporary accommodation and services to those that are homeless or at risk of being homeless. The Hostel caters for men over the age of 21, who are in need of temporary accommodation and/or other support. In addition to the 98 beds, other services offered through the facility are accessed by more than 35,000 men each year.

The Hostel has partnerships with many service providers including Thread Together whose mission is to collect end-of-line new clothes from clothing suppliers and redistribute them to people in the community. ThreadTogether collaborates with some of Australia’s largest clothing suppliers and social service agencies to change the clothes and futures of people in crisis.

Being not for profit organisations they rely on donations for their vision to come to life. Altro was more than happy to donate the flooring required to update the previous floor.

Greg Fisher, General Manager, Thread Together said: “Altro and JDC Flooring listen and understand the organisation and responded with product options that best suited our needs and budget. Nothing was too much trouble and they made sure that the very best could be provided. It is wonderful to work (again) with Altro and JDC Flooring – they show that they are more than an organisation out for a profit grab. They have heart and a deep sense of community spirit. This should be applauded and supported wherever possible”.

Without being able to shut the area down for very long Altro XpressLay was used to save on downtime. This ensured they could get back to helping people right away. No adhesive means there are no odours, which is perfect where there are lots of people living and working.

Marty Nezval, Volunteer Manager, St Vincent De Paul - Matthew Talbot Hostel said: “We had a unique requirement while undergoing the refurbishment of the clothing outlet. We had a space which had an existing floor. The space had no ventilation, thus using a product which is adhesive free was imperative. The product was down in four hours and the space was ready to be used immediately”.

The end result looks fantastic and is of high quality.

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