Saxby’s Café at Temple University, Pennsylvania

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Altro XpressLay


The Saxby’s Café at Temple University, Pennsylvania is a unique concept. The Café, which is part of a chain, not only operates as a normal coffee shop, but is entirely student-run with a 22-year old student CEO holding the reins. Temple is home to a talented and diverse student community and as part of the Saxby’s experiential learning program students working at the café are involved in all aspects of running a business.

While the students don’t make any design decisions, they need to be able to serve their customers without fear of slips or damage to the floor. A new floor was required, but as Saxby’s feared adhesives may damage the floor, they needed to find an adhesive free solution.


This concern spilled over into front of house, and while this typically would have posed an issue. Design group and architect Eimer Design Studio chose Altro XpressLay  for the café and Smith Flooring of Chester, PA completed the installation.


These adhesive-free floors keep both the back of house and the shop’s front safe from slips and trips. Installed using a tape system, the two were installed quickly without the need of messy adhesives.

Thanks to the long life of Altro XpressLay and Altro Cantata they will ensure Saxby’s Café remains safe and attractive for generations of students and young entrepreneurs to come.

Altro Cantata is a decorative, adhesive-free floor that creates maximum impact with minimum downtime. Using our award-winning adhesive-free installation method, it can be welded and walked on the same day, and at the end of its life can be removed easily, allowing it to be reused or recycled.

Altro XpressLay utilises a unique formulation for a quick fit without compromising on performance or durability. Our revolutionary technology, featuring a studded surface on the underside of the floor, allows it to lie flat and perform like a traditionally adhered floor without the need for an adhesive.