Costa Portals Hotel, Spain

Costa Portals Hotel renew the dining experience with Altro

Altro XpressLay

The Costa Portals Hotel is located in a small cove of the town of Portals Nous, in Calvia (Mallorca). It is a family owned, adults only three star hotel, which provides an environment for those seeking peace and tranquility. It enjoys a strategic location, just 5 km from the Balearic capital and very close to one of the most exclusive marinas in the Mediterranean. Its location provides many leisure, culture and sports opportunities for its guests, who can easily schedule a variety of activities in the area.

The hotel recently decided to refurbish the dining area and buffet, with a change of furniture. The architect for the project, Esteve Pujol Torres, when seeing the condition of the existing flooring, considered it essential to update it. “We work to produce great architectural quality and design without large investments of money,” says the architect.

Adhesive-free Altro XpressLay was selected for the new flooring. Stain resistance, easy cleaning and good design are the reasons for choosing Altro flooring in refurbishing the dining room at Hotel Costa Portals, Mallorca.

“We needed a flooring that would allow us to meet the tight deadlines we had to work on. In addition, we needed it to respond well to the humidity of the environment. It was easy to clean, durable, resistant to stains and, of course, it was slip-resistant,” says Esteve Torres.

He continues: “Altro XpressLay does not use adhesive so it can also be used again.”

About 200 people use the dining room and buffet of Costa Portals, so the area is under constant and intensive use and is exposed to spills, stains, foot traffic and trolleys. Altro XpressLay in a dark gray XL2206P Runway, was installed in the 255m2 of hotel buffet.

“We were introduced to the flooring through our architect, Esteve,” says Carlos Ramis, director of the hotel. “We chose it for its versatility, since it fits our requirements very well, for its resistance, aesthetics and cleanliness. Cleaning it is very simple and quick. The flooring has been very good. I would recommend it for this type of establishment; in fact, we are considering installing it in the corridors to the rooms,” says Ramis.

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