Soltofta nursing home, Sweden

Safe bathrooms for both residents and staff

Altro Aquarius


Soltofta is a new nursing home in Malmö for people with dementia. There are 72 apartments over two floors. Many people with dementia are vulnerable; therefore it is important to guarantee the security of their accommodation. This means, among other things, to prevent slipping accidents and facilitate hygiene and cleaning. In addition to the duty of care of the residents, nursing homes must, by law, protect the staff.


In bathrooms, the risk of slipping is very high, as there is often soap and shampoo spills on the floor. A floor with a PTV rating of at least 36, which corresponds to a slip hazard of one in the million during the entire life of the floor, whether you’re barefoot or wearing shoes, is ideal for bathrooms.


Altro Aquarius was chosen for the resident bathrooms. It provides optimum lifetime sustained slip resistance in shoes or barefoot. Slip resistance is very important in a nursing home bathroom, as residents are usually barefoot and the assistant staff have shoes. This means that healthcare professionals can focus on assisting in bathing, drying and dressing residents without worrying that they or the resident could slip.

“It feels safe to walk on the floor. It is also easy to clean. We clean the floor and wipe the water with a rubber scraper.”

Petra Östling, Assistant Nurse, Soltofta nursing home

Altro Aquarius was developed for lasting performance in shoes or barefoot.

Achieving Class B to DIN 51097 for barefoot use, plus PTV ≥50 (Slider 96), it provides optimum lifetime sustained slip resistance in wet and dry environments. It has been extensively tested with a variety of shoes and contaminants to ensure top performance in high-risk environments. It’s also easy to clean. With Altro Aquarius you can have it all: good looks and safety.

Combine with Altro Whiterock hygienic wall sheets for an easy to clean solution for wet environments.