Pielavesi Municipality, Finland

Safety and hygiene essential requirements for new nursing home and service kitchen

Altro Aquarius, Altro Whiterock White, Altro Whiterock Digiclad

When the municipality of Pielavesi in Finland needed a new nursing home and a modern central office, the municipality wanted to build a shared, brand new building for them. The aging population needed an efficient, and at the same time resident-friendly nursing home, and the three outdated kitchens across the municipality were to be combined into one building.

“After consideration, it was found that the construction of a new building to meet both needs was a great idea,” says Pielavesi Municipal Engineer Juha Vainikainen.

Pielakodin 60 offer enhanced service housing. The modern nursing home considers ways to address issues to make life easier for both residents and staff.

“We chose the Altro Aquarius safety floor for the nursing room in the WC and shower rooms as well as common sauna facilities as safety is very important in these areas. The safety floor helps residents to be independent, and helps staff keep residents safer. The safety floor is matt, because a glossy surface makes it look slippery.”

The new central kitchen provides 1,100 meals a day for Pielavesi municipality, not only in the nursing home, but also in schools, kindergartens, health centres and home care. Previously, the same task was handled in three separate kitchens.

“Changing from the old separate kitchens to the new one is like a journey from the 1970’s to modern day,” says Food Service Manager Janne Maksimainen. “The facilities are great.”

The new kitchen has many important hygiene innovations, including Altro Whiterock wall sheets instead of tiles. Altro Whiterock Digiclad was used to provide colourful artwork on the walls.

“It’s great that there is no need to worry about broken tiles or dirty grout that may harbour bacterial. The new wall sheet is easy to keep clean, and the Altro Digiclad makes the area more visually pleasant for kitchen staff. In addition, the walls sheets reduce sound," says Janne Maksimainen.

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