The Fourth School Meal Center - Nagano, Japan

Altro flooring keeping school a step ahead

Altro Reliance 25

“Altro had an advantage over the competitor products due to its high reputation, slip resistance, the wide colour range, easy maintenance and project references.”

ABC Trading Co., Ltd.


Japan’s school lunch program is a step ahead of others around the world where school children are provided lunch every day. Each day chefs cook nutritious meals for students usually consisting of carbohydrates, lean protein, vegetables and a dessert. The meals are sent to the classroom where a group of rostered students serve up the meals. They then enjoy the meal together including the teacher.

This helps children to get a real world experience and to learn about nutrition, portion control, community, and an appreciation for healthy locally made food.


Being a food production area the meal centres need to provide a high level of hygiene and safety. A kitchen can be a danger zone. With oil and food scraps falling on the floor slip and trip risks are at an all-time high. It is important to provide a high level of slip resistance and cleanability. That’s why Altro was chosen.


Altro’s safety flooring provides lasting slip resistance, durability and abrasion resistance, along with additional comfort underfoot. It is the ideal slip-resistant tough flooring for busy catering areas, where potential for spills and safety is a major factor.

“The combination of customer service and product value won us the project.”

ABC Trading Co., Ltd.

Altro Reliance 25 offers a choice of 27 colours, to create one solution for your tough areas. It can cope with high levels of foot and wheeled traffic without compromising on slip resistance and provides additional comfort underfoot.It achieves PTV ≥ 36 on the pendulum test giving sustained slip resistance throughout the lifetime of the product. 


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