Celebrating 100 years of working with you

Our story begins in 1919 when a small group of individuals had an idea. That idea has grown into a global company with over 900 employees and one idea has become many, from inventing safety flooring and developing a hygienic walls system, to creating the world’s first adhesive-free safety floor.

One successful innovation could be luck; repeated success needs a little help, and that’s where you come in. We’ve always known that speaking with, listening to and partnering with you is the key to getting what we do right. It’s allowed us to be bold and to explore design and functional possibilities, without losing sight of who we’re doing it for.

While the world in 1919 couldn’t seem more different from today’s, our excitement at embracing and developing new technologies and ways of working with you is exactly the same as back then. Add to this that we remain a family business, with family values and I think you have the reason why we’re here today, celebrating our centenary.

So on behalf of everyone at Altro, thank you for being part of our story – we look forward to what the next 100 years bring,

Richard Kahn,

CEO Floors and Managing Director, Altro Group